Variety Is The Spice: Helping Clients Meet Staffing Diversity Goals

Written By Ron Shahani, President & CEO of Acro Service Corp.

diversity2The U.S. is one of the most diverse nations in the world and minority groups are predicted to become the majority by the middle of this century. This shift promises to affect the business world, making designing and implementing a specific supplier diversity plan (SDP) a necessity to serve the ever-changing customer base better.

Achieving  SDP objectives poses several challenges for many clients, including finding qualified diversity staffing firms.

Staffing suppliers can take advantage of this environment to maximize their opportunities for growth and advancement. Here are some strategies that can help the process. Read More

The Importance of Diversity In The Staffing Industry

diversityGiven the technological advances of the 21st century, businesses are no longer limited when developing a customer base, or their own work force. The ever changing global marketplace is here to stay. As a result, businesses must make a commitment to diversity; as it is absolutely essential to sustaining competitive advantage. 

 Acro’s President and CEO, Ron Shahani, recently shared his insight regarding the importance of diversity in the staffing industry; more specifically, why it’s important for clients to seek diversity suppliers.  According to Shahani, “Customers should always be a top priority.  To retain a well rounded customer base, is equally important as developing a diverse workforce.  We have entered the 21st century; the lines between the majority and minorities are continuing to shift.  To grow as a business and be successful it is important to represent the cultural diversity that reflects your business community and customer base.”  Shahani goes on to say, “the keys for success are having customer-centric business plans and knowing the importance of establishing lasting relationships with clients.”   Read More

Recent Grads Should Consider Contract Employment

gradsAs of May 2013 the unemployment rate was still relatively high at 7.6%, however, contract staffing experienced strong growth with the addition 26,000 jobs added through staffing firms.  In fact, the unemployment rate for Americans ages 25-34 is 8.3%, higher than the national average of 7.6% for the month of May according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Recent grads and young adults in their early 30s do not have the same experience and thus are having a harder time finding jobs.  Acro can help place these young, eager minds into contract positions that can lead to successful careers, yielding future industry leaders! Read More