Acro Gives Back: A Holiday Food Drive

Acro’s Livonia Staff proudly banded together in celebration of Thanksgiving to raise funds and collect food for a local food bank, Gleaners Food Bank.  Acro’s Happening Committee wanted to find a way to give back to the community while getting in the holiday spirit, and this was a perfect fit for everyone in the company.

The Happening Committee was founded in the Finance Department to create fun and engaging events for their team and the rest of Acro.  They often focus on events that better the community, including a very successful School Supply Drive held in August.  The Committee is one of the many elements that makes Acro a great place to work.  We are so thankful for their contributions here and in the community.


Acro’s Happening Committee: (L to R) Barb Carpenter, Cathy Buhnerkemper, Jenny Perry, Wendy Scott, LaShaunda Scott, Heather Lovern, Mary Fonseca, Bill Rowland


Nearly all of Acro’s Corporate employees participated by bringing in canned goods, boxed foods, personal items, and donating money.  Together, Acro collected several hundred food items and raised about $300.  Acro was thrilled to see the amazing participation from our Corporate Headquarter employees.

Acro also announced that it would match donations – which doubled our contribution to Gleaners Food Bank!  It was a great event and a great reminder that giving back to the community is always worth the while.

If you are interested in contributing to Gleaners Food Bank or hosting a food drive you can read the Gleaners’ FAQ document and contact Gleaners here.  For more information, visit


An Overview of Acro’s MSP Services

TechnologyThe Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) market trends were on the rise in 2012. While the overall market is on the rise some companies are flourishing as others falter.  As we have entered the 21st century the workforce is becoming more specialized and thus standards are increasing.  What separates companies in the staffing industry leads to the gap between success and failure.  MSP’s that provide VMS services seem to have the upper hand.  Kent Stastny, Vice President of MSP Client Solutions for Acro Service Corporation, has been in the staffing industry for 35 years, and more specifically, in the MSP/VMS market since 1999.  Kent joined Acro Service Corporation in 2011 and shared his thoughts on what he believes makes Acro’s MSP Program one of the best in the industry!

 What is an MSP? Explain Acro’s MSP solutions process?

An MSP is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) that manages all processes required to run an enterprise-wide contingent workforce (temporary worker) program.  The MSP manages an Associate Vendor network (sub contractors) to provide the resources required to support the needs of the organization.  The Acro MSP solutions utilize an organization’s present suppliers who agree to be a part of the program and are augmented, as needed, by suppliers from Acro’s extensive network of suppliers that cover all geographies and all labor categories.  Wherever possible, we focus on using suppliers that are local to an organization’s facility.  Read More

Variety Is The Spice: Helping Clients Meet Staffing Diversity Goals

Written By Ron Shahani, President & CEO of Acro Service Corp.

diversity2The U.S. is one of the most diverse nations in the world and minority groups are predicted to become the majority by the middle of this century. This shift promises to affect the business world, making designing and implementing a specific supplier diversity plan (SDP) a necessity to serve the ever-changing customer base better.

Achieving  SDP objectives poses several challenges for many clients, including finding qualified diversity staffing firms.

Staffing suppliers can take advantage of this environment to maximize their opportunities for growth and advancement. Here are some strategies that can help the process. Read More

The Importance of Diversity In The Staffing Industry

diversityGiven the technological advances of the 21st century, businesses are no longer limited when developing a customer base, or their own work force. The ever changing global marketplace is here to stay. As a result, businesses must make a commitment to diversity; as it is absolutely essential to sustaining competitive advantage. 

 Acro’s President and CEO, Ron Shahani, recently shared his insight regarding the importance of diversity in the staffing industry; more specifically, why it’s important for clients to seek diversity suppliers.  According to Shahani, “Customers should always be a top priority.  To retain a well rounded customer base, is equally important as developing a diverse workforce.  We have entered the 21st century; the lines between the majority and minorities are continuing to shift.  To grow as a business and be successful it is important to represent the cultural diversity that reflects your business community and customer base.”  Shahani goes on to say, “the keys for success are having customer-centric business plans and knowing the importance of establishing lasting relationships with clients.”   Read More

Recent Grads Should Consider Contract Employment

gradsAs of May 2013 the unemployment rate was still relatively high at 7.6%, however, contract staffing experienced strong growth with the addition 26,000 jobs added through staffing firms.  In fact, the unemployment rate for Americans ages 25-34 is 8.3%, higher than the national average of 7.6% for the month of May according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Recent grads and young adults in their early 30s do not have the same experience and thus are having a harder time finding jobs.  Acro can help place these young, eager minds into contract positions that can lead to successful careers, yielding future industry leaders! Read More

Acro Offers Opportunities for Recent Graduates

gradsSpring flowers blossom as students march down the aisle to receive their diplomas; this is the time of year where a new crop of adults enter the workforce! Recent grads know how difficult the job market is in today’s economy.  They realize that while they have achieved their academic milestones, most lack the “real world” work experience. 

 Nevertheless, the outlook is promising as employment trends are on the rise, and there is an expectation of a continued increase in hiring.  The industries with the best outlook include: leisure & hospitality, wholesale & retail trade, mining, construction, and professional & business services.   Read More