An Overview of Acro’s MSP Services

TechnologyThe Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) market trends were on the rise in 2012. While the overall market is on the rise some companies are flourishing as others falter.  As we have entered the 21st century the workforce is becoming more specialized and thus standards are increasing.  What separates companies in the staffing industry leads to the gap between success and failure.  MSP’s that provide VMS services seem to have the upper hand.  Kent Stastny, Vice President of MSP Client Solutions for Acro Service Corporation, has been in the staffing industry for 35 years, and more specifically, in the MSP/VMS market since 1999.  Kent joined Acro Service Corporation in 2011 and shared his thoughts on what he believes makes Acro’s MSP Program one of the best in the industry!

 What is an MSP? Explain Acro’s MSP solutions process?

An MSP is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) that manages all processes required to run an enterprise-wide contingent workforce (temporary worker) program.  The MSP manages an Associate Vendor network (sub contractors) to provide the resources required to support the needs of the organization.  The Acro MSP solutions utilize an organization’s present suppliers who agree to be a part of the program and are augmented, as needed, by suppliers from Acro’s extensive network of suppliers that cover all geographies and all labor categories.  Wherever possible, we focus on using suppliers that are local to an organization’s facility.  Read More